Camera-M iPad and iPhone Interface

Introducing Camera-M

Professional manual controls. 
For the camera you always have with you.

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December 12th, 2017

What is new with Camera-M 1.3:

Camera-M Depth Mode Icon


Take full advantage of the amazing dual cameras on compatible devices.

Camera-M Dual Camera Mode Icon


Get two different full resolution images from both the wide angle and the telephoto lens. All from a single shot.

Camera-M Telephoto Lens Grid Icon


See exactlty which part of the camera feed will be included, when working directly with the telephoto lens.

Camera-M Updated Camera Roll Icon


Updated filetype badges for a clearer view of your photo library.

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About Camera-M

Camera-M is designed to do one thing and one thing exceptionally well — to help you take truly amazing photos with manual camera controls. These precise controls are always within reach and completely free of useless clutter. By keeping irrelevant interface elements out of your way, Camera-M creates a straightforward user experience for getting the most out of your iPhone's incredible camera. There are no filters to be distracted by, or gimmicks to worry about.

Camera-M Focus Icon


Manual focus control assisted by 4x magnifier with full support for panning and optional focus peeking.

Camera-M Exposure Icon


Exposure bias control with manual ISO and exposure duration adjustments.

Camera-M White Balance Icon

White Balance

Manual White Balance temperature adjustments with red and green tint control.

Camera-M Histogram Icon


Live RGB and RGB Luminance modes for more accurate exposure and white balance adjustments.

Camera-M ISO Icon


ISO priority mode with automatic exposure duration.

Camera-M Exposure Duration Icon

Exposure Duration

Exposure duration priority mode with automatic ISO.

Camera-M Gray Card Mode Icon

Gray Card Mode

Complete control over setting a precise white balance point.

Camera-M Shooting Modes Icon

Shooting Modes

Including Burst and 2/5/10/30 second timers.

Camera-M Formats Icon


RAW, RAW + JPEG, HEIF, LIVE PHOTO, JPEG High Quality, PNG and TIFF support with correct handling during saving and exporting.

Camera-M 3D Touch Icon

3D Touch

Support for 3D Touch functionality for key interface interactions on compatible devices. Works incredibly well for quickly resetting some or all shot adjustments.

Camera-M Location Status Icon

Location Status

Straightforward access to geo location status controls.

Camera-M Camera Roll Icon

Camera Roll

Beautiful presentaion of photo albums, EXIF dictionaries, histogram graphs, and map data with compass heading and elevation level.


Take a breif look at some of the features in action.


See how capable Camera-M is at adjusting and setting the White Balance.

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